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Positional Stock Trading is a stock trading strategy in which traders take several positions in stocks to benefit from a dominant trend. The dominant pattern may be either short-term or long-term. A positional trader's primary aim is to find appropriate trade setups before placing an order. After the order is placed, the positional trader has very little to do regularly.

This course will teach role trading techniques that can be used to produce passive income with a little effort. The stock trading strategies discussed in this Position Trading course are developed using a mixture of Elliot Wave Theory and conventional technical analysis. The curriculum will go through the related concepts in these areas before discussing stock trading strategies with the participants. It will also cover money management, so participants can decide how much risk they can take on each exchange.

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Who This Course is for

Anyone will benefit from studying these stock trading techniques, from beginners to experts. This course is intended for people who want to gain a passive income by trading stocks.


Course Benefit 

  • Using three advanced techniques to trade positions.

  • Develop the way you handle your trading capital.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Elliott Wave Theory, a more advanced term of technical research.



During the course, the student will have access to an email query support system as well as a Question & Answer forum network for any content-related questions. Dedicated hours of realistic sessions include hands-on trading training.

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