The Complete Guidelines for NISM Certification Exam

Nowadays, most upcoming commerce students want to pursue a career in the field of finance. Even, a significant number of engineering graduates, whom I know personally, are currently changing their careers in the financial sector. Currently, the finance industry is growing at a rapid pace in India and around the world. Therefore, there is no doubt in saying that professional degrees and courses such as MBA (Finance), CFA, FRM, and CFP are attracting large numbers of students every day and NISM certification can help you to enter the finance industry even without any background.

What is the NISM Exam?

NISM full form is National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is a public and finest institute for Financial Market Dealers. It is basically well-defined by the Stock Exchange Board of India (SEBI). It was established in the field of education in 2006 by SEBI with the Governor Control of Securities market in India.
SCI (School for Intermediate Certification) is one of the six schools of excellence in NISM. SCI is engaged in the development of certification exams and continuing professional education (CPE) programs in the financial markets domain. These are conducted to validate and enhance the capabilities of associates working in Indian capital markets.

Benefits of NISM Certificate:-

1. Nationwide Approval:

This certification is accepted by all intermediaries such as brokers, banks, investment banks, asset management companies, and all other stock markets related nationwide. The major objective behind the nationwide acceptance of NISM certification is that it is supported by the stock market regulator, SEBI.

2. To Gain good Profit for your resume:

If you want to go after your career primarily in the capital market, this certificate will add value to your resume. The job qualification requirements for the capital market job of any asset management company or brokerage house include the requirement for NISM certification. It also assures companies that the candidate knows the stock market.

3.Supply study material for the examination

The stock market is a very big topic and it has many topics. Studying for this certificate will help you in gaining detailed knowledge of the subject.

When you register for a particular exam, NISM will provide you with a workbook containing all the information related to securities markets such as rules and laws, detailed subject wise chapters with appropriate illustrations and examples.

Along with adding value to the resume, the NISM certificate also provides in-depth knowledge of the securities market.

4. NISM dispense practice through mock tests

While preparing for NISM certification, you can practice the NISM mock test which is provided by the NISM itself. These mock tests help a lot because they have the same type of questions that come in the actual certification exam.

If you practice these tests well then you will not face any difficulty during the exam.

5. Assist in getting a job

Apart from industry professionals, NISM certification also increases employment opportunities for students from other fields such as economics, marketing, management, and finance. This certification helps in expanding their knowledge domain and also helps them to invest in the securities market.

6. Helps to meet regulatory requirements

This NISM certification has been an essential part of SEBI to work in any capital market institutions.

Therefore, if you want to work in any capital market institution then you have to pass this certification.

For example, if you want to work as a mutual fund distributor in an asset management company, then you must have a NISM Series V A: Certificate of Mutual Fund Distributors certification exam.

7. Demand for fewer fees

The examination fee for NISM certification is also very low. The examination fee is mainly between 1500 - 3000 range depending on the subject.

8. Provides correct information:

The information contained in the NISM workbook is the most reliable, authentic, and accurate information. The NISM workbook serves as a dictionary for students who have questions on any topic related to capital markets.

9. Can be studied from anywhere

NISM workbooks and mock tests can be easily downloaded and then accessed without using the Internet. Thus you can study and practice mock tests from anywhere without worrying about internet access.

10. Helps in spreading financial literacy

Educational institutions and colleges can partner with NISM to provide financial literacy to Indian students. In this way, it will help spread financial literacy to traders and investors who trade or invest in the stock market without any knowledge.


In this article, we will mainly discuss these certifications. Most of these short-term courses are compulsory by SEBI for those who are either self-employed like investment advisors or research analysts or working in the financial services industry in India.
Tanks are voluntary certificates that are not mandatory for finance professionals. However, voluntary certifications are beneficial in that they provide advanced knowledge in some specific field.

Syllabus of NISM Exam

The syllabus for NISM depends on the module you plan to take. By choosing an individual course offered by NISM, and clicking on the course button on the left side of the page, you can get all the course details about it. NISM has more than 175 examination centers across India, where students can avail of the best financial education. You can candidate instruction here

Examination Fee

Examination fees for individual NISM certifications are usually between 1200 INR, 1500 INR, 1725 INR, and 3000 INR depending on the module the student wants to pursue.

How to Apply for NISM Certification Exam

NISM provides an easy registration process for offering various courses. Here are the simple steps of online NISM registration.

Step 1: Go to the official NISM website and click on the Register button or if you already have an account you can go for NISM Login.

Step 2: Fill the registration form carefully by filling all (*) starred marked sections properly for NISM exam. Personal details must be filled in correctly, as they will be used on the admit card as well as the certificate. After the registration form is completed, click on 'submit' to create the activation link.

Step 3: Once the activation link is sent to the email ID of the user mentioned in the registration form, it is only by clicking on the activation link that the NISM account will be activated. Soon after the account is activated, candidates can use the special registration number for further communication with NISM.

NISM Courses

Today, there are a lot of platforms and trainers available in the market to help you with preparing for NISM exams including NISM study material, NISM Exam dates, NISm registration. I would definitely suggest Sky learn Wealth education, for nism certification courses, they help you under expert trainer guidance, you can study from anywhere, and also gives you consultancy and advice to grow your Career in the finance industry and also has so many ways to start earning immediately.
The NISM certification exam is inexpensive, easy to prepare, and most importantly, anyone interested in the finance and securities markets can give it. With no minimum qualification, the NISM exam is perfect whether you are looking for a great career in finance or hoping to gain more expertise.
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